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Japanese font Reimin is a modern Mincho typeface that possesses a simple and favorable expression. The modern design, with the elements in each character well-spaced out and the kana characters similarly sized, creates a composition that is beautiful and easy to read, no matter if it is vertical or horizontal. Clear and without quirks, it can be used for body text in books and magazines, as well as business texts and even headlines. There are a total of 34 typefaces in the "Reimin gradation family," each with the horizontal strokes of a different level of thickness, so a wide range of typefaces with a similar look can be selected. It's ideal for headlines, logos, kanji tattoos, and kanji T-shirts.  


Signboards, Billboards,Website design, Brochures, Book covers, Product packaging

User Permission

This font is paid font. Non-commercial.

Supported Characters

  • Japanese Kanji
  • Hiragana
  • Katakana
  • Numbers

Sample Japanese Font


Japanese Kanji Stencils

Reimin Stencil Outline

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The font is paid font and not for sale. For those who want to use the font, we'll convert your text to images(JPG, GIF and PNG)

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