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Pugno Mincho

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Pugno Mincho

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Pugno Mincho font is a Kawaii(cute) Japanese Katakana font that features a round silhouette. The lines are strong and weak, giving a cute impression. It seems to have been made with a pug motif. Since the line is thicker, it seems better to use a larger font size. The free version is available in hiragana katakana and the kanji version is available in the paid version.  


Signboards, Billboards,Website design, Brochures, Book covers, Product packaging

Usage Permission

Mini version is Non-commercial.
¥5000 for 3459 kanji characters and alphameric character

Supported characters

  • Katakana

Sample Japanese font

Pugno Mincho

Japanese kanji stencils

Pugno Mincho Stencil Outline

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