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Pigmo 00

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Pigmo 00

Pigmo 00

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Pigmo 00


Pigmo00 is created by Mojiwaku-kenkyu. The font is unique because the shape of each kanji doesn't follow a pattern. This font includes hiragana katakana kanji characters from the JIS level-1 kanji set (2,965 kanji) and level-2 set (an additional 3,390 kanji). It's ideal for headlines, logos, kanji tattoos, and kanji T-shirts. It is a font inspired and created by the designer Hirano Koga font.


Kanji Tattoos, Kanji T-shirts, Graphic Design

User Permission

Commercial-use OK

Supported Characters

  • Japanese Kanji
  • Hiragana
  • Katakana

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Pigmo 00

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Pigmo 00 Stencil Outline

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