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Kakushin Gyosho

Japanese Calligraphy font

Kakushin Gyosho

Kakushin Gyosho

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Kakushin Gyosho


Japanese font Kakushin Gyosho is a semi-cursive script that is only slightly cursive and easy to read. Its distinguishing feature is the appropriate degrees of strength and weakness are present in the smooth flow of the brush, displaying the delightful use of the brush. "M," which possesses both strength and grace, and "L," which displays an elegant and refined beauty, can each be used for seals and letters of invitation, and L and M can also be combined for a wide range of purposes including pamphlets and menus, creating an elegant traditional Japanese atmosphere. It's ideal for headlines, logos, kanji tattoos, and kanji T-shirts.  


Signboards, Billboards,Website design, Brochures, Book covers, Product packaging

User Permission

This font is paid font. Non-commercial.

Supported Characters

  • Japanese Kanji
  • Hiragana
  • Katakana
  • Numbers

Sample Japanese Font

Kakushin Gyosho

Japanese Kanji Stencils

Kakushin Gyosho Stencil Outline

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The font is paid font and not for sale. For those who want to use the font, we'll convert your text to images(JPG, GIF and PNG)

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