Download free Japanese font: Kaisho MCBK1

Kaisho MCBK1

Japanese Calligraphy font Kaisho MCBK1

Kaisho MCBK1

download Calligraphy fontKaisho MCBK1


Japanese font ,Kaisho mcbk1is different from other ordinary Kaisho typefaces. Kaisho is a brush-script typeface in the traditional regular calligraphic style. Since the characters are even in size, the letters are equally easy to combine vertically or horizontally, making it perfect for taglines, headlines, and displays.


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Usage Permission

Paid font

Supported characters

  • Japanese Kanji
  • Hiragana
  • Katakana
  • Numbers

Sample Japanese font

Kaisho MCBK1

Japanese kanji stencils

Kaisho MCBK1 Stencil Outline

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The font is paid font and not for sale. For those who want to use the font for your products or services, Kanji sensei will turn your Japanese text into images with the font. you will recieve images with JPG, GIF and transparent PNG formats, and vectors(illustrator AI and PDF).

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