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Armed Lemon

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Armed Lemon

Armed Lemon

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Armed Lemon


This is a handwritten font with soft features and a gentle appeal. Please be sure to try Armed Lemon and experience the unique warmth radiated by handwritten characters. Most free fonts only include kanji characters from the JIS level-1 kanji set (2,965 kanji) and do not include kanji from the level-2 set (an additional 3,390 kanji). Armed Lemon, however, includes all kanji from both levels 1 and 2. Handwritten characters are recently gaining a lot of traction in the Japanese advertising and printing industries. This font is quite thin, so it is not ideal for headlines or logos, but it is perfect for use in comics.      


Manga, Poster, Kanji graphics

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Commercial use OK

Supported Characters

  • Japanese Kanji
  • Hiragana
  • Katakana

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Armed Lemon

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